Have you ever wished for more time on Sunday morning when you have to get yourself and your family ready for church? When you know there’s just not enough time to warm up properly and five minutes in the shower just isn’t going to cut it? There are many tricks of the trade for a speedy warm-up but none of them quite prepare you like sitting down to your piano and vocalizing.image

One solution is to simply wake up earlier. Trust me, I just groaned with you. So what is better than singing with your CDs on the way to church? I know I do that anyway, so what’s to stop us from making sure that time is used to warm up? Better yet what if that time actually strengthened our voices?

I’d like to introduce you to Steve Bowersox’s Vocal Aerobics: A Complete Fitness Program For Your Voice. Steve has compiled his years of worship leading experience with graduate level pedagogy into an amazing package of four CDs filled with fun, upbeat vocalizing tunes.

This is a great way to keep your Sunday afternoon vocal exhaustion away for good! Not to mention that something like this is slightly less annoying to anyone who might otherwise avoid riding in the car with you.