A worship team is made up of more than just a bunch of musicians who happen to be Christians. There are dynamics in leading worship that every team member must understand, and the greatest teams always attract people to their message with both musical excellence and authenticity. But what is really the most paramount ingredient that contributes to the success of a worship team?

All too often newly forming worship teams, both band members and vocalists, get lost in trying to just sound good together. Don’t get me wrong, defining your sound is very important and is one of the first tasks to be accomplished in the process. But even before you pick up the instruments and the microphones and experiment with sounds and styles, you need to take some intentional reflection time as a group. With the aid of your team leader you need to define exactly what worship is for the group and what that should look like in front of the congregation. Defining your sound and defining your purpose can be done simultaneously but the latter is much more important to accomplish and will make or break your team.

If you take time to define your purpose at the outset then you will set yourselves up to succeed in being authentic with your congregation and avoid empty performances in worship services.