Recently I attended a conference where I ran into my friends from Christian Copyright Solutions and had a great time catching up with them. They have just now released a new service for indie artists and songwriters to help manage your copyrighted songs called INDIEadmin. The best part about this service is that it’s free to you with the option of extra paid services included in packages.

As a first step CCS will help you get your songs registered with the US Copyright Office, you pay the fee and they handle the paperwork. Then, according to a signed agreement, you give them the right to manage and issue non-commercial licenses for your songs to third parties interested in using your work. The third party will pay CCS for the royalties of the song plus an administration fee, and CCS in-turn sends you 100% of the royalties every month along with physical copies of your licenses. CCS additionally will help you register with Performance Rights Organizations (PRO’s) such as ASCAP and SESAC as well as registering with CCLI. There are also premium services available through the Advanced and Premiere packages, giving you more control over the use and issue of licenses, a 24/7 online cloud access to your licenses, a custom landing page and email address, and additional services including commercial licensing. However, the basic services alone save some of the administration headaches that stint our creative flow in songwriting.

Here is an example of a landing page.

Please go check this service out and tell your friends! I think it’s a useful tool for churches, organizations, indie publishers and artists to help them manage their copyrighted songs.